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Just beneath the Sabine Street bridge overlook, in a perpetually shaded part of Buffalo Bayou Park, there is a small pond, separated from the bayou by the Brookfield Bridge and home to a talkative flock of ducks who will come honking up to one and all, hoping for food. Discovering the pond feels like finding a secret gem, but yet another hidden treasure lurks in the trees just west of the pond.

“PAUSE, reads a four-foot sculpture in all-caps serif letters, seeming to emerge as organically from the ground as the tree roots and scrubby grass surrounding it. It’s just one of six word sculptures installed in the park by Houston artist Anthony Shumate in the summer of 2015, and one of many pieces of public art throughout the park.

Today, with a couple seasons of weather on them, the sculptures seem even more endemic to their environment, encouraging park-goers to EXPLORE, REFLECT, LISTEN, EMERGE and OBSERVE as they spring up, say, around a bend on the Kinder Footpath, or at an unexpected perch above the bayou.

“Anthony’s concept embraced the entire park,” says BBP president Anne Olson. “His thoughtful pieces are intended to be discovered by park users as they explore everything Buffalo Bayou Park has to offer.”

While we’ve given you a hint as to where you can find PAUSE, it could be tougher to track down the remaining five. Olson offers just one clue as to where all six sculptures are: the entire park. Can you find them all?