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Buffalo Bayou Park, in collaboration with the award-winning team at Houston Public Media, is offering a new walking tour that aims to teach listeners everything a real-life guide would—only with a handy pause button for those times you want to take out the earbuds and enjoy the sounds of cicadas in the city.

Download the 18-minute, 12-part audio tour—which, like the park itself, is completely free—and KUHF on-air personalities Ernie Manouse, Tom Carter, Al Ortiz and Catherine Lu will lead you through everything from the native wetland and woodland landscapes to an explanation of the “lunar cycle lighting along the trails.

To make the most out of your tour, start at the Brown Foundation Lawn (the big grassy area atop the Water Works off Sabine St., which offers a superb view of the downtown skyline just to the east) and let Manouse tell you about the park’s history. Then head west along with the tour, crossing the bayou to its south side at the Jackson Hill Bridge to make sure you cross off everything on your list. Finish up at Eleanor Tinsley Park for one more postcard snapshot of downtown. It’s the perfect spot for a post-walk picnic.

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What Is Lunar Cycle Lighting?

Ever wondered why the trails are illuminated a vivid blue some nights, and a bright white on others? That’s the park’s lunar-cycle lighting in action, which syncs the colors of the trails with the phases of the moon. They’re blue during the waning phases but grow brighter and whiter as the moon waxes full, deepening back to blue as the moon wanes once again. It’s just one more subtle way the park hopes to draw visitors’ attention to the natural cycles taking place all around them on a daily basis—whether they notice them or not.

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