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Great News, Pups: Johnny Steele Dog Park Is Open Again!

Attention all dogs: It's playtime.

By Gwendolyn Knapp June 11, 2018

Good girls and boys unite.

If you're heading out for a walk with your best friend (yes, we're talking to you, flooferpants, yes we are, yes we are!), you might want to head right down to the bayou because the Johnny Steele Dog Park has officially reopened today. You've likely watched the progress over the past several months, and may have noticed in the past few weeks, how much more inviting the dog park area was looking for our furry friends.  

The dog park is ready to roll.

The Buffalo Bayou Parternship is hoping that changes to the dog park will enhance the site’s overall functionality for pets and owners, and improve ongoing maintenance—considering that future flooding is bound to happen. Here are the new improvements:

  • A new, separate entry portal for small dogs
  • Reconfigured fencing around the small dog area
  • An expanded small dog area lawn and large dog area mulched lawn
  • Separate ponds for large and small dogs was eliminated and one pond, with a water feature, for all dogs was created
  • A new retaining wall with seating ledge around the pond

So get out there and check it out this evening or head over to for more information. The Johnny Steele Dog Park is located at 2929 Allen Parkway. It's open Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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