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Your Favorite Outdoors Coverage of 2019

Running trails, a new BMX park, and asps gone wild (eek).

Edited by Gwendolyn Knapp December 27, 2019

Houston loved its trails in 2019.

If there's one thing that's defined Houston in 2019, in terms of the great outdoors, it would be all that's new and forthcoming. We've found new hiking, running, and biking trails that we love. We have more access to nature all over the greater Houston area than ever before. And we've learned of all the great Bayou Greenways—hike and bike trails along our bayous— that have recently debuted, expanded, or are on the way.  

These were our most-read outdoors posts of 2019.  

Mason Park Bridge on Brays Bayou Greenway.

1. Houstonians Will Be Able to Bike and Walk 150 Miles of New Trails in 2020

By Gwendolyn Knapp

"When the Bayou Greenways 2020 project started construction in 2014, 77 miles of scattered trails already existed along the bayous. Today the city’s parks board has finished another 24 miles, and has 69 more to go. Despite minor delays due to Harvey, the project is still on track to finish by the end of 2020."

2. Houston’s $25 Million BMX Bike Park Opens August 16

By Gwendolyn Knapp

"Located next to the North Houston Skatepark, the nation’s biggest skatepark (are we detecting a theme here?) and Dylan’s Park, the Rockstar Energy Bike Park will go as big as you’d expect in its inaugural year, hosting the USA BMX Lone Star Nationals this October, the BMX Nationals and World Championship Qualifier in March 2020, and the UCI BMX World Championships in May. "

Houston trails.

Image: Amy Kinkead

3. We Run This Town: Our Favorite Houston Trails

By Gwendolyn Knapp

"What’s not to love about our hike-and-bike trail nestled up against downtown, home to the Waugh Bat Colony, the Cistern, the Johnny Steele Dog Park, a skate park, and one of the best restaurants in town, The Kitchen at the Dunlavy? This destination is as popular among bikers, runners, and walkers as among lovebirds on dates and families exploring the great outdoors. All will want to stop for selfies with the skyline and the park’s amazing public art." 

The asp wreaked havoc in the Texas Medical Center this year.

4. The Texas Medical Center Accidentally Created a Venomous Caterpillar Outbreak

By Gwendolyn Knapp

“You probably know the puss moth caterpillar, aka the 'tree asp' or megalopyge opercularis, as that small white or orange-ish toupee-looking thing squirming across the sidewalk causing your oblivious exercise pal to squeal aww cute as you pull her away screaming DON’T TOUCH IT.”

The Ravine Trail makes for a lovely walk.

5. The Houston Arboretum's Ravine Trail is Back

By Gwendolyn Knapp

"While the Ravine Trail has been closed off for three years due to flooding, erosion, and washout, it’s now ready to show off its native riparian ecosystem to the public. There are two new bridges over the ravine—one even has an ADA-accessible concrete trail leading to it—and there’s a boardwalk system, new native plantings to improve bio-diversity and prevent erosion, and lots of shade."

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