Party Foul

Airbnb Is Not Having Your Halloween Ragers

The company bans one-night reservations on Halloween weekend due to the pandemic.

By Gwendolyn Knapp October 15, 2020

The party is canceled, dude.

Faster than a Bleary-Eyed Bro Can Blurt out, “come on, man, we’re just trying to have some fun,” Airbnb has prohibited one-night reservations over Halloween weekend in entire home listings throughout the country, including here in Texas. 

The home-sharing platform is taking serious efforts to put the kibosh on any potential super-spreader events that could contribute to another wave of the pandemic, including any ghoulish ragers. Its public health efforts since the onset of the pandemic include bringing legal action against certain unauthorized partiers and a global party ban, among others. 

Here's how Airbnb has targeted parties specifically in Texas:

Read more about Airbnb's crackdown on parties here.

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