Travel Tips

Off the Beaten Path

Get out of that comfort zone and make your own bucket list.

06/08/2015 By Samantha Ketterer


Video: Escape Your Stress With a Summer Getaway

Feeling stressed? Houstonia has put together a list of Summer Escapes to help you get over that.



How to Keep Your Travels Alive

Don't let that vacation fade away just yet.

06/05/2015 By Bill Wiatrak

Heads Up

The DL on Visa Laws

Don't go without knowing them.

06/02/2015 By Kayla Stewart


Long-Term Travel: What to Keep in Mind

A whole different can of worms

06/01/2015 By Katherine Gunn


Great Escapes: Charleston

Visit a city forever trying to live up to its food.

05/31/2015 By Katharine Shilcutt


Great Escapes: Cuba

Take in Havana before the inevitable onslaught.

05/31/2015 Photography by Sarah Rufca Nielsen


Great Escapes: Istanbul

Explore a two-continent city with two sides to every story.

05/31/2015 By Scott Vogel


Great Escapes: Alaska

Go where Alaska meets the Yukon—and a remote lodge offers no end of adventure.

05/31/2015 By Michael Hardy


The Great Escapes of the Rich and Famous

Where Houston’s movers and shakers go to get away from it all.



Great Escapes

Take the trip of a lifetime this summer.

05/31/2015 By Scott Vogel, Michael Hardy, Catherine Matusow, Sarah Rufca Nielsen, and Katharine Shilcutt


New Uses for Old Souvenirs: Postcards

What to do with that stack of postcards

05/28/2015 By Katherine Gunn

Save Panda!

The Curious Case of the Haitian Dognapping

A whirlwind adventure with a happy ending.

05/22/2015 By Bill Wiatrak


Barcelona Besties

A new friend from Singapore, in Spain

05/14/2015 By Garrett Flores

Don't Forget!

The Right Sunscreen for You

Stay safe and lotion up.

05/12/2015 By Kayla Stewart

Travel Tips

How to Haggle for a Better Hotel Rate

Tips from a former hotel clerk

05/07/2015 By Trey Strange


Paris History Uncovered

What lies under the city's treasures might be more important than what's on the surface.

05/01/2015 By Spencer Vogel

Pretty as a Postcard

Keeping the Dream Alive in Jamaica

Clichés exist for a reason.


Going South

Cars and Cigars: No Place But Havana

Amazing and frustrating, beautiful and not so beautiful, all at the same time

04/29/2015 By Bill Wiatrak

I'm Heaving on a Jet Plane

How to Treat Listeria at 35,000 Feet

A close call with Blue Bell's recent recall begs the question: What would JetBlue do?

04/28/2015 By Andrew Husband