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Comedian Rob Delaney, named the "funniest person on Twitter" by Comedy Central, brings his stand-up act to Houston.

By Michael Hardy June 25, 2013

Rob Delaney Live
June 26 at 8
$16 advance; $18 day of show
Walter’s Downtown
1120 Naylor St.

 LA-based comedian Rob Delaney has a new stand-up special (Rob Delaney: Live at the Bowery Ballroom, available on Netflix), a forthcoming memoir, and even a board game (Rob Delaney’s War of Words) based on his tweets. Last year, Comedy Central named Delaney, who has almost 900,000 followers, the “Funniest person on Twitter.” On Wednesday, he’ll deliver his stand-up comedy at Walter’s Downtown. Houstonia caught up with Delaney by phone.

H: How’s it going?

RD: Good, thanks. I have a five-month-old baby with me right now who’s making squeaky noises, so please excuse me.

H: No problem at all. Are you getting any sleep?

RD: Yeah, [my wife and I] ignore the second one when he cries. You learn from the first one that you have to establish dominance, like with a dog. Plus, he’s actually a much calmer person than the first one, as an animal.

H: Tell me about the show. 

RD: I’m going to do an hour-plus of new stand-up for the residents of Houston. I have not done stand-up in Houston before, so this is a milestone for me. Anybody who comes will be receiving my unique, filthy take on the garbage of life.

H: Have you been to Houston?

RD: I’ve been there, but I haven’t done stand-up.

H: Would you say it’s a great city, or the greatest city?

RD: I would say it’s great, only because I’m such a relentlessly optimistic and happy person. Wherever I am is the greatest, in my opinion. I’ve lived in LA, and New York, and Paris. I don’t care—Houston is going to be the greatest on Wednesday.

H: Do you like living in LA?

RD: I love living in LA. I live very close to the beach, and it takes me a few minutes driving to get into the mountains, where I can disappear and go running or biking or hiking or camping. If you like mother nature, LA’s pretty fantastic. And for comedy it’s one of the better cities. And the weather’s nice literally one hundred percent of the year. It’s creepy almost.

H: We’ve been playing your board game at our office. How did that come about?

RD: The company who makes that game, All Things Equal, got in touch with me.  That they knew who I was was flattering…[pause]. Sorry, had to sneeze on my baby. That they wanted to make a game out of my comedy blew my mind. Even though I play a lot of games and love them.

H: What games do you play?

RD: Bananagrams. Rummikub. Scattergories. I’d say those are the most popular three at my house at this time.

H: You write for Vice, which recently received a lot of publicity for sending Dennis Rodman to make peace with North Korea. Do you think they’ll send you to any foreign countries anytime soon?

RD: I don’t know. It’s funny that you suggest it, because if I wanted to I probably could do something like that. But I don’t want to die anytime soon, and they send you places where you can die. I would have died in the service of a joke before I had kids, but now that wouldn’t be fair to my wife. I also like my children, and I think they like me. They could send me to Houston—that would be great.

H: You could also die in Houston.

RD: Well, I think you’d have to work at it. 

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