If you're on Twitter — or breathing, for that matter — you've probably been inundated by all things Beyoncé the last few days. After taking over the Internet this weekend, her new "visual album" has likely sold north of 600,000 sales and is "all but guaranteed a No. 1 debut," according to Billboard.

I was happy to see that portions of her visual album are rooted back home in Houston. In fact, footage for the video accompanying the song "No Angel" was shot at October's Slab Parade and Family Festival, which Houstonia covered. The images are mostly slow-motion shots of Houston's slab-riding citizenry; they're at times beautiful, with more than a hint of grit.

Rumor had it Beyoncé's "people" were in town in the lead-up to the festival, but I doubt anyone in attendance—save for a few hip-hop insiders—knew that they might end up featured in her visual album. That must have been quite the surprise. What I find less surprising is that the album has generated far more discussion about marketing than it has about actual music. This is Beyoncé, after all, master of spin, whether she's doing it with her hips or her marketing team.

(Check out the preview below.) 

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