Maxin' and Relaxin' at iPic

The new River Oaks District movie house gushes luxury and amenities.

By Jenn Nguyen November 2, 2015

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Image: iPic

Although the River Oaks District is already home to high-end boutiques like Hermes and Dior, the shopping center gets an even bigger red-carpet treatment when iPic Theaters Houston hosts its grand opening on Friday, Nov. 6. This is the first iPic location to feature luxurious two-seat pods with upgraded “premium-plus” accommodations in all of the multiplex’s eight theater rooms.

Each pod seat fully reclines and comes with a pillow and blanket for optimal comfort, as well as unlimited popcorn and personal food service from the theater’s iPic Express concession stand. And the food isn’t typical movie fare—a plethora of dishes are available to order, ranging from turkey sliders to lobster rolls. Guests may also opt for cheaper “premium” seating that does not include the personal service and amenities, but food and drinks can still be brought in from iPic Express.

Iipic express houston lobster roll jtfoob

Lobster rolls are just one of the dishes on offer at the new iPic theater.

Image: iPic

Exceptional food is an integral part of iPic’s service, with the heart of the cinema being The Tuck Rooma new restaurant from James Beard Award-winning chef Sherry Yard. Yard, along with renowned mixologist Adam Seger, curated the eclectic mix of food and drinks on the iPic Express and Tuck Room menus. Upon entering the theater’s main floor, moviegoers are greeted by the gastro-lounge’s dining and bar areas, which also include multiple TV screens playing live sporting events.

While the iPic rates tend to be pricier in comparison to those of other cinemas, the theater offers a unique experience for film lovers who want to indulge in luxury at the movies. Since theater rooms can only seat up to about 64 people, showings tend to sell out quickly. So if you still have not reserved your tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet (and shame on you if you haven’t), iPic in River Oaks still has seats available for the December 18 opening night, as well as for other upcoming blockbusters.

Opens Friday, Nov. 6. 4444 Westheimer Rd. 713-904-1310.