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Celebrate Prince's Life With Art and Of Course, Music

East End Studio Gallery showcases its free art event, Punch a Higher Floor, a tribute to the Purple Prince, next weekend.

By Sara Samora May 11, 2016

Prince painting  by asia yhulz0

Prince portrait created by local artist Asia Dodd.

Image: Asia Dodd

Prince’s death in late April shocked the world, but to fans everywhere, the Purple Rain singer lives on through his music—and art.

East End Studio Gallery is hosting a tribute to the pop star, showcasing a collection of works, that represent Prince himself, from artists throughout the city. And to no surprise, it was not a hard feat to get people on board with the event, as many had already began posting their creations online. “[Art] is a therapeutic way to try to work out that grief and shake off the shock that this person’s gone,” says East End Gallery Creative Director Lizbeth Ortiz. “And there has been a lot of cool pieces popping up.”

East End Gallery board member, Alicia Dodson adds that as soon as the news broke, the community immediately requested the gallery to put on a show on its Facebook page. “It just seems obvious that he deserves [a tribute] and people should have an outlet to express their love for him,” says Dodson.

Prince artwork by meighgan ionjod

Artwork of Prince created by Meighgan Gladden.

Artist Megan Gladden, whose work has been shown at many East End Gallery shows, will create six portraits of Prince utilizing glitter and sequins. “One is in purple, and another one she will do in grays and blacks,” says Ortiz, adding that there won’t be any diamonds and pearls.

Many of the art pieces will be available for purchase, starting at $15 to $20. The event, of course, will play much of Prince’s catalog, and fans can purchase theme-related items such as purses or t-shirts. “It’s going to be a celebration of his life more than anything,” says Ortiz.

May 13, 6 - 10 p.m. Free to the public. “Punch a Higher Floor, a tribute to the Purple Prince.” East End Studio Gallery, 708C Telephone Rd. 713-363-0054. For submissions, email [email protected]. Must be submitted by May 9.

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