Take a Tour of Houston's 5 Best Paint Walls and Graffiti Murals

Show your friends on summer vacation what they're missing back home in Houston.

By Paulina Lelo de Larrea July 20, 2016

Collagecolor wall l0hbor

Instagram posts taken at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall by (clockwise from top left): @magenpastor, @snapshotsandmythoughts, @greetingsfromtx, @taniachua, @sugarandcloth, @bigassballoons.

It’s that time of year again when all of your friends are posting their amazing summer vacation pictures from their amazing trips to amazing places to their amazing Instagram feed and it all looks so amazing, at least on your phone screen, because you’re stuck in nowhere-near-as-amazing Houston.

Except that Houston is amazing, actually, and it's easy to show your friends that you’re having an amazing time as well while making your own Instagram feed look amazing at the same time. So grab your camera and get ready for an amazing day of touring Houston's best graffiti murals for a series of amazing pictures that'll make your friends think twice about leaving town for the summer.

Sugarcloth juzp44

Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

Start your day at the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall, located at 3302 Canal St. Snap a series of creative shots in front of the eight different 6-foot-wide blocks of solid bright colors. Things we love about the Color Wall include the fact that the colors extend down to the street, making for seamless shots, and the fact that the large panels can fit several people in one frame. Parking is easy; the sidewalk is wide enough for multiple cars to park along it.

Houston mtewuy

The now-famous Houston Snapchat Geotag came from the Houston Graffiti Building.

Houston Graffiti Building

About five minutes away by car (and we hope you have a car if you're trying to hit all of these murals in one day) is the Houston Graffiti Building, located at 1503 Chartres St. Here, you'll find massive walls covered in a variety of different graffiti pieces. You may recognize one of those pieces as the now-famous Houston Snapchat Geotag. Right across the street are five more murals, and plenty of parking as well. Finally, on the other side of the Graffiti building, a fourth location houses four more murals, including one massive Iron Man.

Advice waj8sp

Make sure to leave your own advice on the chalk wall in Bagby Park.

Bagby Park 

From there, head to Midtown's new Bagby Park located at 415 Gray St. Be sure to bring some chalk with you to write your “Best Advice’’ on the chalk wall located right next to the giant Midtown sign. Parking here is not so easy, as there is no designated area for the park. I parked behind a restaurant right across the street, where I paid by the hour, but you can occasionally luck into street parking along West Gray.

Lunch Break!

At this point in the day, it will probably already have been a few hours into your graffiti tour, so take a break with some food and water to get your energy going again. Standing outside in the sun will drain you, so take advantage of all the cafes and restaurants in the area to recharge. We recommend Rico's Morning + Noon + Night, the open-air food stand in Bagby Park, as well as Cyclone Anaya's, Fluff Bake Bar, Coco's Crepes & Coffee and Oporto.

Mainst hgpzdx

Parking can be tricky for this spot outside One City Centre.

One City Centre

From here, head into downtown and over to One City Centre in search of a corner with bright geometrical shapes located at 914 Main St. Here, you'll find another brightly colored wall with greens and pinks over a grey background, perfect for a summer post. Parking is trickier here, but you can sometimes get lucky and find a spot next to the sidewalk, or simply pay one of the on-street parking meters. Pro-tip: Try to beat the Houston traffic and get out of downtown before rush hour hits. We recommend taking Fannin all the way to Elgin, which turns into Westheimer, which gets you to your next spot...

Biscuit pusgnv

The Biscuit Paint Wall that started it all.

Biscuit Paint Wall

This now-legendary paint wall debuted in May 2014 when Biscuit Home reopened in Montrose at 1435 Westheimer Rd. Since then, no Lower Westheimer experience has been complete without a stop to snap a shot in front of its beautifully dripped rainbow of paint. Since the wall is the exterior of the Biscuit Home shop, the store's parking lot does double duty.

Pridewall rxzgqb

Two sisters pose in front of the Pride Wall.

Pride Wall

Lastly, a few blocks away from the Biscuit Paint wall, is Houston’s Pride Wall, located at Westheimer and Ralph St. The rainbow wall hosts the ROY-G-BIV blocks of color, along with plenty of pride (and parking!). Since you're already there, stop in for a coffee at Agora or some macarons at Common Bond, and flip through all of the amazing pictures you took that day. You will most likely have so many favorites, you won’t know which one to post. (Hint: Post the amazing ones.)

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