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What's the Deal with Those Angel Wings Downtown?

Colette Miller's pop-up art piece arrives to remind us humans (and dogs) that we matter.

By Morgan Kinney June 20, 2017


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As you fly into Downtown off 45, slow down as you approach 1600 Smith Street. Scrawled on the side of the office tower are three sets of colorful, vaguely iridescent angel wings.

The pop-up art piece adds Houston to Colette Miller's Global Angel Wings Project. She painted her first angel wings in Los Angeles in 2012 as a life-sized reminder that "we are the angels of this earth," and now counts more than a dozen cities around the world as part of her flock. What started as an illegal whim is now a global phenomenon, carrying her personal message about life.

"The philosophies of nature and mankind are universal," Miller says on her website. "Humanity craves beauty, love, acceptance, enlightenment and faith in the human race. We all desire it and can attain it if we believe in ourselves. Every soul in this universe is a star. Find your inner light. It's a lifelong quest that's actually worth it."

The Houston wings—on display through July 30 courtesy of Arts Brookfield—has caught the attention of humans and canines alike. Be sure to snap a picture before the wings fly on to the next city.


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