Drinkin' Days

How Country Star Pat Green Lives by Willie Nelson's Advice

It's all about the fans, he says.

By Catalina Campos June 2, 2017

It WASN'T every day an artist sold out the Astrodome, let alone twice. But Grammy-nominated country singer Pat Green, best known for his hits “Wave on Wave” and “Carry On,” has done just that.

Green's new single "Drinkin' Days," released May 26, embraces his Texas roots with an acoustic set, fiddle, and laid-back chorus co-written by Jaron Boyer, Ben Burges, and Phil Barton. Houstonia caught up with Green to talk about performing live post-Manchester, his dream of collaborating with Johnny Cash, and why Willie Nelson knows best.

“Wave on Wave” has to be one of your biggest tracks. Do you ever feel the pressure to top that, especially with your new single?

I think I did when I was on the big record label and going for national attention. I tried to match that success but now, at this point, I'm really just trying to write great material and put that out and enjoy myself.

You’ve toured with Willie Nelson in the past. What’s one piece of advice from him that you carried with you throughout your career? 

In showbiz, it's carefree. Still, there is a lot of work involved and Willie was always the hard working guy. He would go out and sign autographs after a three-hour show like it was nothing, and he would sign until after the last guy left. I try to keep that up and take as many. Nowadays it's more a line of selfies and Snapchat and so forth. That's the biggest thing he passed on to me, you gotta love the work and do it.

Apart from your success as a musician, you’re known to love your fans. In the wake of the Manchester attack, how has the issue of security changed for you? 

I play live a lot, and you can't predict acts like the one in Manchester and other places. And life must go on. If you cower to it, it’s more detrimental to give them what they want. I feel like I'm driven by a higher force and if it's my time, then it's my time. I'm obviously not stupid either, but I'm not going to sit there and wait for it. I don't think it's lurking around, I don't think there's danger around every corner. 

How would you like to see your music evolve?

I think the answer is naturally. I don’t want to force any issue, I don't have an agenda. When I say that, I hope it just continues to evolve. I hope it just continues. I don't want it to stop moving because then you end up putting out the same song over and over. 

If you could collaborate with any musician that you haven’t in the past, who would it be?

You know, Eddie Van Halen if he's still in the game. I’m just teasing!  The ones that I want to collaborate with are all dead. I wish I could have gotten with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Those are the ones that got away from me. That's what I wish I could have done.

Should we be anticipating a new album and who are you planning to collaborate with?

We have five songs done now, so I don’t know if it will be an EP or if we will continue recording and will put out a full-length album. Yeah, something is coming.

Is Houston in your sight for your upcoming tour? 

Oh absolutely, Houston is always in my sight. It's a matter of timing and that stuff happens naturally.

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