A pair of Houston rappers recently made headlines when they walked into a Missouri City fast food joint and tossed a stack of $100 bills in the air for customers to catch. Denzo and Trillzaee could have easily chosen a McDonald's or a Burger King or a Taco Bell in which to make their spontaneous charitable distribution of cash. But there's something in the fact that they chose a Whataburger for their display of generosity—and, indeed, plan on making future visits to other Whataburgers for the same reason.

"We're taking requests right now," Trillzaee told Fox 26. "If you want us to come to your Whataburger, [Direct Message] us. We coming."

Whataburger made waves after its own act of generosity recently, when the Texas burger chain treated a group of high school seniors to a custom What-a-prom complete with orange corsages. The fact that so many high schoolers applied to the What-a-prom contest in the first place is tribute in itself to how besotted we are as a state with taquitos, honey butter chicken biscuits, and 24-hour drive-thrus.

To wit, we've compiled our favorite Whataburger memes of recent memory—all culled from the top-rated submissions at r/Texas, which proves a corollary to the law forcing Texans to impulse-buy anything in the shape of Texas, painted with a Lone Star flag, or marketed as "Texas Tough." On Reddit's Texas forum, the law is equally broad yet strict: Texans will impulse-upvote anything to do with Whataburger.

1. "I took a very Texas picture today," says MuseDrones.

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2. "God keeps his covenant with Texas," writes bigal75.

3. "When you want to look nice but Whataburger is life," writes lolligaggins.

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4. "Whataburger branded Yeti. Because Texas," writes need-a-refill.

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5. "The result of Whataburger's egg shortage," writes richloz93, reminding us all of the devastating egg shortage during the summer of 2015 that deprived us of taquitos for nigh-endless months.

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May we never suffer such dark days again.

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