You Know about drive-ins at this point, but are you ready for a sail-in? This summer saw a revival of the good ol’ fashioned drive-in movie theater, as well as some interesting experiments with drive-in concerts, but those four-wheeled cinematic experiences are about to become soo last month.

For one week starting Sept 9, Houstonians will get to watch movies while bobbing in the ripples of the water as part of Floating Cinema, a new movie-going experience making its way to the Bayou City from Australian theater company Beyond Cinema.

Each floating cinema will be made up of a fleet of 12 to 24 mini boats, able to carry eight movie-goers each, spread out across the water and parked in front of a large screen. Moviegoers will then get to enjoy a mix of “golden oldies and new releases” in the open air while snacking on free popcorn and other refreshments, which are available for purchase. According to event information, customers will be required to purchase “the whole boat to ensure that groups will be seated with friends and family only and to allow for social distancing on and between boats.”

Of course, Houston isn't the only stop on Floating Cinema's new tour. The pop-up nautical movie night is also set to float into New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Austin (starting Sept 23), among other select cities. The new boat-in cinema also made an appearance this July in Paris, where it was a huge hit.   

There’s no news on where this boat-in will take place, how much tickets will cost, or what the lineup of films will be when Floating Cinema drops anchor in Houston, nor does Beyond Cinema offer any idea of how you might, say, use the little sailor’s room during one of these events. But we’re all for this new nautical movie night—as long as it’s not a showing of Jaws.

Pre-register here and be among the first to hear when tickets go on sale.  

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