Chopped and Screwed Tribute

DJ Screw Visual Tribute All Screwed Up Dropping Soon

And we know how you can see it before its official release.

By Emma Schkloven November 13, 2020

Writer/Director Isaac “Chill” Yowman (right) and actor Rosha Washington (left), who is portraying Houston hip-hop pioneer DJ Screw in All Screwed Up.

Remember when that trailer for a DJ Screw film project dropped in February, making waves all over the internet? Well, folks, we finally know more about it.

Turns out, it’s actually not the biopic or miniseries that any of us guessed. At least not in the traditional sense.

Dubbed “a visual tribute,” All Screwed Up is actually a mixed-media project that’s combined scripted drama with archival and found footage and animation to tell DJ Screw’s story.

“From inception, this project was never meant to roll out the traditional way, or satisfy status quo,” writer and director Isaac “Chill” Yowman said in a statement. “We’re in a pivotal time where having IP ownership is vital, and it was extremely important for both myself and Screw’s family to have creative freedom."

Most of us will have to wait until the project’s official release date, which has yet to be announced, but those die-hard Screw Heads can get early access by purchasing a “Screw Box” ($99), a limited-edition collector’s capsule. Those who order their box before November 16 will be invited to a group virtual screening on the 20th anniversary of Screw’s death. Two scenes from the upcoming visual tribute will also be screened during the Houston Cinema Arts Festival’s event, Rest In Peace DJ Screw: A Virtual Tribute and Panel Discussion (get tickets here) that same day. 

The celebrations and remembrances of DJ Screw’s legacy will likely carry into next year as July 20, 2021 would have been his 50th birthday. In the meantime, fans can enjoy some behind-the-scenes reveals about how IYO re-created the infamous Screw House as well as the DJ’s famous Screw Car and hallmark Screwed Up Click Pendent. 

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