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Big Daddy Kane Stopped by Houston's Bar 5015 for a Special Performance

“Houston has always shown me so much love, so it’s an honor to be here," the rapper tells Houstonia.

By Shelby Stewart September 9, 2021


Big Daddy Kane stopped in Houston for a one-night concert.

When it comes to hip-hop’s “Golden Era,” there are only a few artists who truly embody the title of MC. And, Big Daddy Kane is arguably one of them. 

Recently, fans of the “Smooth Operator” emcee gathered at Bar 5015 in Houston’s Third Ward, on Sunday, September 5  to watch him perform live. “Houston has always shown me so much love, so it’s an honor to be here, especially with everything that’s happening in the world,” he says.

During the show, he paid respects to his fallen brother and fellow rapper, Biz Markie, before performing onstage. “We’re just going to take a moment of silence for my brother Biz Markie,” Kane tells the audience. “Rest in peace man.”

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1968, Antonio Hardy, better known by his stage name Big Daddy Kane, is revered as one of the most influential lyricists to ever touch a microphone. The performer started his career in the late 1980s as a member of Juice Crew and has managed to make exceptional strides in music alongside other legendary rappers, such as Marley Marl and Biz Markie. With over three decades of experience in the game, Kane remains grateful to his fans for his longevity. “I'm just happy that 34 years down the line, you know, people still want to come out and see me. Because of that, I always want to try to give my best because I appreciate their love and adoration,” he tells Houstonia.

The hip-hop pioneer says that his self-assurance has always been something that came naturally for him. Although often compared to rappers such as Rakim and Kool G, Kane says the real key was always remaining true to himself. “I’ve always just been me, my only goal has just been to live righteously." 

However, a familiar questions lingers for most legends in the industry, how have they managed to keep the fire alive for so long? The Long Live the Kane rapper’s formula is simple一doing something that can impact someone’s soul and creating a movement that makes people want to mimic you. 

“Longevity comes from being unique. When you're the type of artist that has something that impacts someone's soul, and you have something that makes people want to dress like you or look like you act like you, that's the thing that I really believe brings about longevity because now you've become a part of this person's life” Kane explains. 

Kane’s Houston concert precedes his latest announcement of Paragraphs I Manifest, the golden era rapper's forthcoming Netflix special, where he names J. Cole as his favorite rapper of today. The forthcoming special will also feature other legendary artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, and KRS-One.

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