This Woman Is Revolutionizing Houston's Hip-Hop Culture

Bgirl City is celebrating 10 years of helping female breakdancers find their groove.

By Lucia Rodriguez December 9, 2021

Bgirl City is a Houston-based breakdancing non-profit that seeks to inspire girls to become b-girls.

Bgirl City was formed for the girls who shared the same passion as the b-boy, but did not share the same opportunities. 

Not yet at least.

The scene had not had their dose of women empowerment yet in the 1990s and early 2000s. But that changed, as Bgirl City helped make sure moms were about to bring their kids to the park for breakdance sessions, instead of just swings and slides. A b-girl (female breakdancer) was about to pick up a criminal record, but instead created her own music playlist that would lead to soul shifting cyphers  (breakdance gatherings).

The girl mesmerized by murals was about to get her hands dirty with the boys, and give them a piece of her mind. That girl, Ericka Deleon, later known by her breakdancer name BabyGirl, would pick up the mic as her own master, of her own ceremony. This would be the everlasting shift in the scene.

As Bgirl City leader, now, Deleon took the road less traveled,  and made it her duty to shed light on the females of hip-hop, empower through unity, embrace diversity, grant opportunities, and utilize her resources as a non-profit organization that would always give back through workshops and creative opportunities in Houston and beyond.  This was the mindset of a pioneer making sure her platform was built off a stable foundation with room for growth.

The originator, Bgirl Deenice, proudly passed the torch to BabyGirl, and that would create something foundational and become a staple in the Houston breakdance scene. It would provide trips around the world, battles between girls that would be seen worldwide and an insane recognition of where this all started and where it’s headed.

Ericka 'BabyGirl' De Leon is a longtime Houston breakdancer who leads the non-profit Bgirl City, and is celebrating the organization's 10th anniversary.

There are b-girls in the winners circle, b-girls being sponsored by major labels, b-moms taking a true break, by the beat of the drum; little girls inspired to come up, grown women inspired to comeback.

Ten years have passed, and the community is coming together to honor a movement that has helped create endless opportunities within the hip-hop scene here in Houston. When breakdance culture started in Houston, for a long time it was lacking b-girls in the breakdance competition brackets, but also it was rare to see a b-girl lead the way, and create something that would transpire into a full-blown movement. A movement that would take us down the road to Bgirl City in 2012.  It was an active decade of sacrifices, scars, sweat, and tears for the organizations founders.

But by the time 2015 rolled around, b-girls were jumping on planes to fly to Houston to join in on the community’s newest chapter of self-proclaimed women in hip-hop, the Bgirl City Jam. B-boys and spectators showed up in support, and watched with respect as the ladies rocked with rhythm and shared the spotlight for a change.

The support from one another is the lifeline that keeps the soul of Bgirl City rising.  

Meanwhile, Bgirl City is nicely positioned to be part of the global breakdance culture. As breakdancing is about to become an Olympic sport, there will be a role for b-girl leaders to help out, and Bgirl City has already shown what it can do for Houston.

Bgirl City 10th Anniversary, J Dance Company, 13 Spencer Highway, Dec. 10-12. For more information go to


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