Speed Dating

Dating Games

Where’s this relationship going? Straight down Southwest Freeway.

08/01/2013 By Peter Holley

Books & Literature

Space Spouse

What was it like to be married to an astronaut during the Space Race?

08/01/2013 By Catherine Matusow

Books & Literature

Blank, Texas

A new novel is set in Houston—but don't expect it to wear its roots on its sleeves.

08/01/2013 By Catherine Matusow


Helping Those Who Protect Us



Top Things to Do This Weekend: Aug 2–4

Where to go, who to see, and what to do

07/31/2013 By Michael Hardy


Film Fatales

MFAH film series celebrates the femme fatale of classic Hollywood film noir.

07/30/2013 By Michael Hardy


Not Your Grandmother's Musical Theater

Theatre Under the Stars tries to shed its stodgy image with TUTS Underground.

07/29/2013 By Abby Koenig


Corporate Art

FotoFest Discoveries showcases 15 contemporary photographers from around the world—but good luck finding the show.

07/25/2013 By Michael Hardy


Top Things To Do This Weekend: July 26–28

Where to go, who to see, and what to do

07/24/2013 By Michael Hardy


Queering Houston

QFest, Houston's long-running LGBT film festival, expands into Katy, Northwest Houston, and Galveston this year

07/23/2013 By Michael Hardy

Visual Art

White Out

Terrence Doody dons white booties to experience James Turrell's disorienting installation End Around.

07/22/2013 By Terrence Doody

Visual Art

Code Switching

An interview with artist David Hutchinson, who transforms writing into painting.

07/19/2013 By Michael Hardy


Pulling Back the Curtain

Main Street Theater invites audiences behind the scenes of its 2013–2014 productions

07/18/2013 By Michael Hardy


Top Things To Do This Weekend: July 19–21

Where to go, who to see, and what to do

07/17/2013 By Michael Hardy

Visual Art

Where Land and Water Meet

Libbie Masterson's new series of photographs is inspired by Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement

07/16/2013 By Michael Hardy


Pink and Pétanque

A Bastille Day celebration at Philippe Restaurant + Lounge



Beyoncé: Brilliant Feminist Role Model or Narcissistic, Reactionary Fake?

Debating all things Beyoncé.

07/15/2013 By Michael Hardy and Peter Holley