In Defense of Dessert

"Texans Tackle Crackle" Ice Cream Hits H-E-B

What does Texans-flavored ice cream taste like?

By Katharine Shilcutt September 27, 2013

Just in time for this Sunday's Texans game against the Seattle Seahawks, H-E-B has announced a new way to show your support for Bulls On Parade: ice cream. "Texans Tackle Crackle" (which, admittedly, is ripe for puns and double entendres) is on shelves now at H-E-B stores across Houston.

Described as "decadently rich vanilla ice cream laced with creamy chocolate swirl and loaded with candy crunch," the ice cream is the latest result of a partnership between the Texans and H-E-B, the "official tailgate headquarters" of the NFL team. The description isn't too far off, either; the ice cream is a little less sturdy than Bluebell's homemade vanilla, but the chocolate swirl and what tastes like thin slivers of Crunch bars are quite charming.

This isn't the only tailgating treat from H-E-B, however. On December 5, we'll be teaming up with the H-E-B Montrose Market to host a tailgating party and gumbo cook-off while the Texans play the Jaguars at Jacksonville. Five of Houston's best restaurants have agreed to come out and cook their best gumbo for your judging (and eating) pleasure: Danton's, Haven, Liberty Kitchen, Roost, and Triniti. We'll be selling tickets soon, with all proceeds benefiting the Houston Food Bank, so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement.

In the meantime, we figured out the perfect partner for the Texans Tackle Crackle: Houston's own Saint Arnold root beer. The team make a damn good root beer float. And considering the Seahawks are ranked No. 2 in the NFL Power Rankings this week, you might just need something extra sweet to combat the agony of defeat this Sunday.


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