The iGrill is a nifty little gadget that monitors the temperature of food on your grill. Although the real reason I bought it is to keep track of briskets, Boston butts, and other long-cooking barbecue cuts, I was so excited when it arrived, I tried it out on a grill full of steaks. The gizmo comes with probes designed to read the internal temperature of the meat (right). But I also got another style probe designed to gauge the temperature of the grill (left).

Once you install the iGrill app on your iPhone (there is an Android version as well), you can connect to your iGrill with Bluetooth to keep track of what's going on from the comfort of your couch. (Actually, the Bluetooth signal isn't strong enough to reach my couch, but I can get a good signal from the dining room--you get the picture.)

You can also program the iGrill to display and record a continuous curve of the temperature's progress during the cooking process. Which is why we use the iGrill at Foodways Texas BBQ Summer Camp at Texas A&M Meat Science Center. It makes it easy to chart the progress of briskets. It's been a great tool to understand the cooking process and the phenomenon called "the stall," a two to three hour period when the internal temperature of a brisket reaches 155° to 160° F and stays there. 

Since the Bluetooth signal does reach my bedroom, I will be able to monitor my barbecue smoker during an overnight cooking session without getting out of bed. But sadly, even my high-tech digital thermometer won't save me from having to get up and put more wood on the fire every few hours. 


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