Sweet Treats

A New Home for Chocolat du Monde

In Rice Village, a boutique for all things sweet

By Joanna O'Leary April 7, 2014

I used to worry about Chocolat du Monde. Although I had no proof, I was certain many people overlooked this cute chocolate boutique because its original location in Rice Village wasn’t visible from a main artery and for a long time it bordered a large construction site.  Thus, when I saw the shop empty and a sign proclaiming the imminent arrival of an AVEDA salon, my heart sank and my stomach rumbled. 

Chocolat du Monde
2428 Times Blvd.

I was thrilled to learn that Chocolat du Monde had not shuffled off its candy coil, however, but rather moved to a slightly more prominent spot on a strip on Times Boulevard.

In the past I’ve favored the pumpkin cheesecake balls and maple nut fudge at Chocolat du Monde, though during recent visits to its new location I’ve gravitated toward some of the fancier stuff like their Belgian confections.

The shop vends many members of the impressive Leonidas family of chocolates; if you’re stupefied by the selection, I highly recommend any of the “Louise” flavors (milk, dark, or white chocolate filled with hazelnut paste and caramel). For those whose cocoa candy allegiance lies with Neuhaus, Chocolat du Monde stocks their gourmet candy bars as well as many of their bite-size chocolates, my favorites of which are the Manon milk chocolate buttercreams.

Kids in this candy shop will be charmed by the old-school chocolate bars (think Hershey 5th Avenue and NECCO Clark Bar). If your kids actually prefer the higher-end stuff, Chocolat du Monde is also a terrific place to find classier (re: no HFCS here) holiday candy, especially around Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. 

Liquid indulgence in the form of hot chocolate is also available at Chocolat du Monde during our few "cold" months, such as the chilly snap we're currently experiencing.  It’s a smaller serving than what you might get at Starbucks for the same price, but it’s thicker, richer, and will fuel you through an afteroon of shopping…and ease the chill from those over-air-conditioned boutiques in Rice Village.


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