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Snap Kitchen Kicks Off Expansion with New Heights Location

Also to come in 2015: locations in Cinco Ranch and the Museum District.

By Katharine Shilcutt January 5, 2015

The new Heights location opened today at 250 W. 20th St.

There are definitive binary opinions in this world that classify you as a human being: are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? A Beatles or Stones person? A San Fuh-LEE-pay or San FILL-up-pee person? A My Fit Foods or Snap Kitchen person? I'm firmly a Snap Kitchen girl (a fact I wrote about in this month's issue of Houstonia), and I'm not alone: the Austin-based company, which sells healthy, organic, ready-to-eat meals, juices, and snacks, is on another expansion bent to keep up with local demand.

Snap Kitchen Heights
250 W. 20th St.

The Heights location—which marks the eighth in Houston—opened today catty-corner from Hamilton Middle School off Heights Blvd. “We have already seen such a warm welcome from Houston residents over the past five years, that it was an easy decision for us to add an eighth location to make Snap Kitchen even more accessible,” said co-founder and CEO Martin Berson in a press release.

But Snap isn't stopping there. By the end of 2015, expect to see at least 10 locations across Houston, as Snap Kitchen plans to open in two more neighborhoods this month: Cinco Ranch and the Museum District, the latter of which is seeing more dining options move into its previously food-deprived landscape every day.

The chicken and green chile enchiladas are wrapped in tortillas so good you'll never guess they're gluten-free.

In addition to the new neighborhoods, Snap has also added a few new meals for the year (five of which I picked up at the Memorial Park location today: chicken tikka masala, a Siam lentil bowl (a vegan option with spinach, kale, red lentils, and quinoa), crispy coconut shrimp, ginger-glazed chicken, and a mezze salad trio featuring three of Snap's best salad options (fruit salad, curried chicken salad, and a smoked salmon salad that is easily one of its best dishes) along with housemade gluten-free crackers.

I warmed up my tub of chicken tikka today for lunch. It was packed with plenty of peas and cauliflower in addition to chunks of masala-drenched chicken which, thanks to the fact that's it hasn't been frozen, still felt and tasted like chicken breast. It filled me up and kept me full all afternoon. And most importantly, it was generously spiced and full of flavor—as is characteristic of Snap Kitchen, which doesn't treat "healthy food" as though it should have the taste and texture of rice cakes. This is the reason I'll always be a Snap Kitchen girl, though the Beatles/Stones thing is still up for constant debate.


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