Now that the new Tanglewood H-E-B has opened its doors, so has Table 57, the restaurant inside that's helmed by chef Allen Duhon—whose impressive breadth of kitchen experience extends all the way from Jack in the Box to Noma—and whose menu was created by chef Randy Evans. The two men met at the now-closed Haven, where Duhon was Evans's sous chef, and though it's tempting to call Table 57 a Haven redux and look for those precious ways in which their old restaurant intersects with the new, most of the creative dishes on the menu display a sensibility that's quite independent from the old days back on Algerian Way.

Table 57
5895 San Felipe

One of those dishes is found only on the brunch menu, which is served on Sundays only from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This coming Sunday will—of course—mark Table 57's first brunch service and your first chance to try a popular Los Angeles import that Table 57 is calling, simply, "Jarred Egg." This is apt, as the dish is served in a jar, but also a far easier name to digest than its original moniker: Thee Slut, first served at the notorious Eggslut food truck in LA.

Table 57 adds its own twists to the brunch dish, notably using buttery Yukon Gold potatoes to make the creamy potato puree that takes up most of the glass jar and adding compound truffle butter—which contains both black and white truffles, and is sold inside the H-E-B itself—to ramp up the flavor even more. A coddled egg and a few slices of green onions rest gently on top, waiting for you to puncture the soft yolk and let it stream into the potatoes below. It's served with toast points, but who cares? You'll eat the whole thing with a spoon before you even register the fact that there are even toast points on the plate.

Sundays are also one of the three days a week that Table 57 features live music from the raised stage area on its patio, and this coming Sunday is no exception: Jomel Sumira will be playing an acoustic set starting at 10 a.m., making for an altogether pleasant setting in which to enjoy Houston's version of LA's food truck favorite. And if truffles and coddled eggs aren't your thing, that's okay; Table 57 also features another twist on an old favorite: Korean-fried chicken and waffles.


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