To Paris with Love

Oui Oui, Paris!

With their third location now open in CityCentre, is Sweet Paris Crêperie's goal of a crepe-loving city in sight?

By Maggie Berardo February 10, 2015

This weekend I went to visit my sister for her lunch break. While we walked in the beautiful weather and tried to decide which of the many CityCentre eateries to try that afternoon, we caught sight of the newly opened Sweet Paris Crêperie & Cafe. With its charming blue sign and Yann Tierson music playing as we opened the front door, trying out this new creperie was a no-brainer. Inside, we were greeted by a bright, open dining room with large chalk boards listing the many flavors of savory and sweet crepes available that day, and we immediately felt at home in the charming little cafe.

Sweet Paris Crêperie
797 Sorella Ct.

This ist the third location of Sweet Paris—though only the second in Houston. The first opened in Rice Village nearly three years ago, followed by an international location in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Sweet Paris is a perfect example of why Houston needs more crepes, as befitting their self-professed mission to encourage more crepe-eating across the city.

The cafe lures you in with the gentle smell of crepe batter, which is a blend of pancakes cooking and a cake baking. Light, delicate sheets rendered a perfect golden brown, these crepes as beautiful to look at as to eat. The menu includes an array of flavors from special breakfast crepes and croque madames to savory crepes (try the caprese with mozzarella, basil-infused tomatoes, and truffle oil) and the classic dessert combinations that pair your choice of fruit with Nutella. Trying to choose just one crepe to eat was a challenge, but I settled on the chicken carbonara.

Chicken carbonara crepe

While you may feel the urge to order more than one, your stomach may not be able to handle more than one of these well-stuffed delicacies. What impressed me most about Sweet Paris is that they don't skimp on filling and flavor; the massive jars of Nutella on the walls are evidence of just how much filling they can pack into a little French pancake. It's all too easy for crepe-makers to reduce their crepes to thin layers of sauce and spreads with only sparse slices of chicken or fruit to fill the pockets, but Sweet Paris has disregarded the idea that crepes should be sparse and small. My lunch crepe was chock-full of chicken, bacon, and creamy carbonara sauce. This crepe wasn't just a little snack which might leave me hungry again in an hour; it was satisfying and delicious.

Sweet Paris's vast menu is offered at all their locations, and if you're looking for something sweet, rather than savory, then their house special Argentinian dulce de leche crepe is worth a try. Fruit can be added to it, but the real star is that velvety goodness of authentic Argentine DDL. This isn't your average canned DDL in the international Kroger aisle, my foodies. Everything is made fresh upon your oder, and dessert crepes can be made a la mode for an extra $2.

My afternoon was spent listening to the lovely French accordian tunes of the Amelie soundtrack and munching on a bacony-parmesiany-creamy crepe. I know I'll be going back soon to cross more of their delicious flavors off my list. As of right now, I'm eyeing the S'mores dessert crepe and the turkey and Brie savory. What do you plan to try first?

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