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The Opening & Closing of the Week: Feb 7-13

Celebrate a week without a closing with some super-fresh sushi.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 13, 2015

Each Friday, Gastronaut rounds up the most notable opening and closing of the week.

Sometimes, once in a great while, we have no bad news to report—and on those days, we cock our heads and wonder why the fickle Houston market has decided to go easy on its dining scene for the week. Regardless, this is cause for celebration, which we suggest doing by visiting one of two new sushi joints that opened in the past week.

Akamaru Japanese Restaurant
315 Fairview St.

First up is Akamaru Japanese Restaurant, which is the newest addition to the ever-growing line-up of bars and restaurants at Fairview and Taft, the Montrose corner that already barely contains Gratifi, Boheme, Cuchara, Max's Wine Dive, and Flow Juice Bar.

Akamaru, which bills itself as serving classic Japanese fare such as grilled beef tongue and baby octopus tempura (though you'll also find Americanized items like spicy dragon rolls), has moved into the space that formerly housed Dean's Credit Clothing and The Fairview, right next door to Boheme. I'm seeing an evening of chirashi followed by bartender Hal Brock's creative cocktails a few feet away in my own very near future...

Tsukiji Fusion Sushi
24449 Katy Fwy., Ste. 400

If traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi doesn't roll your rice, head out to Katy instead and check out Tsukiji Fusion Sushi, which opened on February 2.

Named for the famed Japanese fish market that's the largest wholesale seafood market in the world, Tsukiji offers a wide variety of sushi, but also an extensive menu of udon, hibachi, and rice bowls. Dig into the house roll menu to find the fusion side of things, such as a Lion King roll featuring eel tempura, salmon, and avocado (all ingredients that featured heavily in the 1994 Disney classic, or maybe not; I've never seen The Lion King, so I don't know).


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