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Extreme Eats: Lone Star Samwiches Food Truck

Sandwiches are for school lunches but "samwiches" are for the extreme eater.

By Megha Tejpal July 17, 2015

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With their wildly painted exteriors, punny names and bold combinations of ingredients, food trucks have become some of the best purveyors of outrageous foods. Take popular Houston trucks Curbslide Sliderz and Lone Star Samwiches, for instance, both of which offer Houstonians over-the-top versions of sandwiches and burgers that just can't be found in any restaurant.

You can stick with Subway and eat fresh during the week but for a truly extreme "samwich," you want a taste of the Four Horsemen from the Lone Star Samwiches food truck. Known for their large-and-in-charge sandwiches, the truck tops its towering Four Horsemen with four different proteins: beef, chicken, turkey and ham. The addition of lettuce, tomato and cheese keeps it simple but flavorful, and priced at only $8 it is more than a bargain for its size.

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Deep in the Heart of Dhaka

The Deep in the Heart of Dhaka sandwich is another of its insanely popular selections, with its unique blend of flavors combining East Indian spiced beef with a cucumber guacamole. The crunchy guacamole is a refreshing addition to the sandwich and compliments the spicy meat, creating a sandwich that has people satisfying their Indian food/Mexican food/sub sandwich cravings all in one. Being Indian myself, I have yet to see an Indian restaurant in Houston dare to experiment with a spiced beef sandwich, let alone add guacamole to it. Extremely daring. Extremely delicious.

Like many food trucks do, Lone Star Samwiches keeps the public up to speed on its daily whereabouts via social media, specifically via their Facebook page. This Saturday, July 18 you can indulge in all of your extreme food trucks cravings—both sweet and savory—by going to the Best Damn Food Truck Festival at NRG Park. Many of Houston's most popular food trucks, including Lone Star Samwiches, will be stationed there from 3 p.m. onward as Houstonians are invited to buy tickets and enjoy samplings from the various vendors. With everything from decadent donuts and crepes to spicy tacos and Korean barbecue, the Best Damn Food Truck Festival is named what it is for a reason.

2015 Best Damn Food Truck Festival, July 18, 3 p.m. NRG Park, thebestfoodtruckfest.com



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