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Happy Hour of the Week: Prohibition Supperclub & Bar

Extended hours on Mondays and Thursdays pack in the crowds at Prohibition even when there's not a show.

Photography by Katharine Shilcutt August 21, 2015

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Head bartender Elaine Collum pours a pretty happy hour drink at Prohibition.

It should no longer surprise anyone to walk into a downtown dining room on a Monday night and find it completely packed. Yet those Houstonians lived through the oil glut that led to the Empty 80s in the city's central business district—those Houstonians for whom driving downtown was reserved for a daily commute to and from a desk job at Continental Airlines or a special night out at Jones Hall—may find their breath still catches a little bit when this bustling energy is witnessed firsthand.

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An excellent place for this sort of witnessing, as it were, is Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, so named for a period replete with its own bustling energy. And though happy hour is served Tuesday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m., Mondays are the best time to participate in the packing-in, so to speak. Monday features an all-day happy hour that offers far more than just cheap drinks. Sure, the wine is half-off all day, but the real draw here is 50-cent raw oysters. Those pair really nicely, by the way, with head bartender Elaine Collum's pert Corpse Reviver No. 2, which is $6 during happy hour—one of a collection of five happy hour-priced classic cocktails that hover around $5 to $6.

Additionally, you'll find $5 wines by the glass and rotating beer specials during each weekday happy hour, and "always $2 High Life," says Collum. And on Thursday nights, you'll find extended hours for cheap drinks and eats once again. "Thursday we do an additional reverse happy hour from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.," says Collum, "with additional industry-focused specials like $4 Campari." Prohibition's generous happy hour bar menu is served during all happy hours—including the Thursday night reverse-up—and includes a half-dozen chargrilled oysters (one of the house specials here) for $7 and fish beignets (think adorable bites of fried fish) with smoked tartar sauce for $5.

If witnessing an increasingly revitalized downtown scene isn't enough encouragement to get to Prohibition soon, consider this, says Collum: "For a limited time we are doing tiki drink specials on Wednesdays from 4 to 7 p.m." Look for $6 plantation pineapple painkillers and $6 Campari mai tais, or just ask Collum to whip up something special for you—the talented bartender was a finalist for Best Bartender in last year's Eater Awards and is currently a nominee for another Best Bartender prize in the Houston Chronicle's upcoming Best of Houston Restaurants awards, and is much responsible for the packed house at Prohibition as chef Ben McPherson's fine food and the weekend burlesque acts' fine figures.

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, 1008 Prairie St., 281-940-4636,


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