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Sure, you could slam down Red Bull with vodka. But why forswear all discernment when mixing your stimulants and depressants when you could savor a coffee cocktail? Especially since places like the Honeymoon Café & Bar use local beans for the caffeine (in this case, from Boomtown Coffee in the Heights).

“Not only is the coffee great, but we roast it right here in-house,” says bar manager Monique Mickley. “So naturally, we wanted to have a great coffee cocktail menu.”

On chilly evenings at the elegant downtown bistro, try the warming Idle Hands, a grown-up version of spiked hot chocolate, with a note of woodsy spice from green Chartreuse and a shot of espresso. For something less high-octane, get the Friday Morning, which replaces the espresso with drip coffee and perks things up with Jamaican rum and Campari.

It’s not just the hot cocktails that draw drinkers to the Honeymoon’s long antique bar and marble-topped tables. On those lingering warm days this fall, Mickley suggests the Leather Elbows, a twist on traditional Vietnamese iced coffee with The Honeymoon’s own cold-brew blend, sweetened condensed milk and a shot of Bulleit rye. (If you think Red Bull gives you wings, you’ve never tried a ca phe sua da.) Or try Mickley’s personal favorite, the lush Velvet Scotch, a decadent mix of creamy caramel, vanilla and toffee.


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