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These dosas are made for dipping and that's just what you'll do.

You may have enjoyed a dosa or two in your life, but did it make you go nuts? DGN Factory, a casual Indian concept whose name is short for "Dosa Gone Nuts," serves an adventurous menu of traditional Indian crêpes with a twist. And it offers diners a full vegetarian experience unlike any other in the city. Popular in South Indian states, a dosa is typically served crispy and stuffed with a hot filling like spiced potatoes. DGN Factory offers diners the "ultimate Indian crêpe experience" by pushing the boundaries of said fillings.

With three locations in Houston including one by the Galleria, in the downtown tunnel, and in Missouri City, diners venture in for breakfast, lunch and dinner to get a diverse taste of what the dosa can be, from a fettuccine Alfredo version to a cheesy Tex-Mex-style bean-and-salsa dosa.

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It's not all nuts. DGN serves a picture-perfect traditional masala dosa, too.

Much smaller than traditional, table-spanning South Indian dosas, DGN's are neatly folded and easy to eat by hand. There's not limit on visits to the self-service sambhbar and garlic chutney bar, so dipping is strongly encouraged.

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It's a quesadilla...It's a burrito...No, it's a cheesy bean-and-salsa dosa!

The expansive menu includes some classics such as a masala dosa stuffed with potato, green peas and onion. But it's only natural that your eye may wander to the pizza dosa. Made with homemade sauce and cheese, it's a favorite among kids, but it was one of the first things to catch our eye, too. The Manchurian dosa, made with batter-fried cauliflower mixed in a sweet-and-spicy Indo-Chinese sauce is one of the best on the menu. You may just go nuts for it.


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