Sugar Rush: Coconut Cream Cake at the Dessert Gallery

Why you should make this triple-layer cake a weekly habit.

By Joanna O'Leary January 20, 2016

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Coconut dream

A little over a year ago, Dessert Gallery in Upper Kirby got a much-needed facelift in the form of upgraded seating, whimsical interior design featuring a lot of purple and mounted televisions showing a continuous stream of baked good food porn. These enhancements made the dining environment finally match the quality of the Dessert Gallery’s excellent products. In the past, I have particularly enjoyed the “Chip Off the Old Block,” with its decadent strata of moist yellow cake and thick chocolate frosting, and the red velvet cookies dipped in white chocolate (genius!). 

The “problem,” however, with discovering favorites at your local bakery is that it becomes inordinately difficult (especially for creatures of habit) to deviate from what you know you like.  Specifically, bringing home something new to share with you and your beloved like the Dessert Gallery’s absolutely phenomenal coconut cake. Compounding this issue in my case is the fact that my husband’s least favorite baked good ingredient is sweetened coconut. His aversion is frustrating at times given my own predilection for the stuff, though useful if I want to bake something all for myself. (“Ooh, brownies... Wait is there COCONUT in these?!?”) 

So when I finally sampled this luscious dessert, a triple layer confection of white cake infused with coconut syrup and rich buttercream frosting heavily dusted with flake coconut, the epiphany was, ironically, bittersweet. To make for time lost not eating this coconut cake I have made it my mission to spread the word of its deliciousness and have a slice at least weekly. And like those brownies, it's all for me.


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