Sugar Rush: Multi-Tiered Artisan Cake at Randall's

The “Artisan Colossal Chocolate Cake Slice” is one of the best dessert deals in town.

By Joanna O'Leary February 11, 2016

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For reference, this is a dinner plate.

Although “you get what you pay for” is usually the law governing the relationship between quality and price when it comes to dessert, the rule does not apply to one unlikely example of post-meal excellence: The “Artisan Colossal Chocolate Cake Slice,” available in the dessert case of most Randall’s locations, breaks all the rules. 

This impressive wedge comprises six strata of moist dark chocolate and six strata of chocolate buttercream icing, making for a total of a dozen layers of cocoa deliciousness that scream small-town bakery and that eponymous "artisan" rather than chain grocery store.

That slab of chocolate pleasure easily holds its own against comparable, more expensive multi-tier individual slice confections such as the “Old-Fashioned Diner” cake ($7) at the Dessert Gallery and  “Aunt Etta’s” cake ($10) at The Chocolate Bar.

Some might argue that the lower price tag is accompanied by the inclusion of some less-than-natural ingredients. Point taken. But if health is your main concern, you probably aren’t interested in enjoying a dessert as monstrous in girth as in taste in the first place.


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