Pho-get the Meat

Meatless Monday: Pho Binh

Few vegetarian sandwiches can compete with a tofu banh mi.

By Megha Tejpal March 21, 2016

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At Pho Binh, meat is not mandatory.

Image: Megha Tejpal

Record spring temperatures or not, Houstonians can't get enough pho noodle soup. And where there is pho on the menu, there are loaded vermicelli bowls, rice plates and oh-so-tasty Vietnamese sandwiches, or banh mi. As far as vegetarian sandwiches go, few compare to the one-of-a-kind combination of flavors in a Vietnamese banh mi. Some delis try to make up for the lack of protein in a vegetarian sandwich with an excess of additional ingredients, but the banh mi holds its own with fresh, clean flavors such as pickled cucumber and carrot.

Pho Binh has been serving Houston since 1983, and clearly, experience has proven demand for vegetarian dishes. Flesh-eschewing diners can pick from dishes including tofu salads, steamed veggie dumplings and spring rolls. Most of the menu items at Pho Binh come with your choice of protein such as chicken or chargrilled pork, but vegetarian choices allow the diner to truly savor the fresh flavors of each dish. The tofu banh mi, for example, is expertly made and is a hit among both meat-eaters and vegetarians for its layers of flavor and hearty bite.

Cradled in a flaky, toasted sub, colorful raw veggies rest atop warm pieces of meaty tofu and are garnished with jalapeño and cilantro. The simplicity of the sandwich, along with the fresh, quality ingredients for which Pho Binh is known makes this one of our go-to spots for Meatless Monday. 

A favorite among Vietnamese-food-obsessed diners, Pho Binh's multiple locations, including outposts in the Heights, Galleria and Cypress, feature a wide range of vegetarian selections on the differing menus. Whether its vegetables in our fried dumplings or tofu in our spicy banh mi, the meatless menu at Pho Binh has us screaming pho more.


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