Get the Good Kind of Raw Deals on Gulf Oysters

Want cheap and cheerful? Bottles of bubbly? We’ve got the right oyster bar for every personality.

By Katharine Shilcutt March 1, 2016 Published in the March 2016 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Most of the time, the Gulf oysters we slurp up come from our own Texan waters, but Houston offers everything from appellation oysters scooped up from reefs in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida to fancy foreign oysters from frigid waters far, far away. Here’s where to find the best Gulf oysters on the half-shell for you. Yes, you.

I want to know exactly where my oysters came from!

Head to: Tommy’s, where the restaurant famous for its oyster conservation program also serves Gulf appellation oysters in season. When you can find them, try the buttery Pepper Grove selections from Galveston Bay that were recently named among the most delicious in America.

I want my oysters straight off the boat!

Head to: Gilhooley’s, where a wad of cash (no credit cards accepted here) will buy you several dozen from nearby Misho’s Oyster Company’s catch of the day.

I want my oysters on an actual boat!

Head to: Captain Benny’s, whose fleet of boat-shaped restaurants across the city are inspired by its actual, proprietary fleet of Gulf oyster boats.

I want my oysters with a bottle of bubbly!

Head to: Brasserie 19, where you can enjoy them with anything from a $7 split of sparkling wine to a $305 bottle of Dom Perignon. 

I want my oysters shucked right in front of me!

Head to: Goode Co. Seafood, where you can pull up a seat at the long counter inside the old train car and watch the knives fly. 

I want my oysters cheap and cheerful!

Head to: Pappas Seafood House, where seasonal specials combine with happy hour deals for the perfect pairing of local bivalves and local beer.


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