Go Pig or Go Home

Pig Out at The West End

Reserve a whole roasted pig with 15 of your closest friends at this Uptown patio bar.

By Megha Tejpal March 2, 2016

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Pig out on the patio at the West End.

This little piggy may have gone to market and that little piggy may have stayed home, but recently, a whole roasted piggy at the West End had diners going "Wooo!" all night long. The sprawling Uptown patio bar, known for its Wednesday steak nights and lively karaoke crowd, has introduced a new special that's far more, well, special: a whole roasted pig. And by "whole roasted pig," we mean the entire enchilada, nose-to-tail, so be prepared for the visual.

Upon request, the West End brings in a locally sourced hog and begin preparation days in advance of roasting. A full day of brining is followed by 24 hours of marination to ensure the juiciest meat possible. On the day that the pig will be served, it's dry-rubbed, placed in a roasting box and flipped from its back to its stomach over time to allow its skin to crisp. The box serves as an oven, heated with scorching hot coals placed on the lid.

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This little piggy got roasted.

Image: Megha Tejpal

When the whole porker is finally placed on the table, guests' reactions are as notable as the full flavor of the tender pork. Expect the usual onslaught of social media captures and maybe even a selfie or two with the piggy before you actually get to taste the meat.

With a week's notice, groups of 15 or more can reserve a pig for dinner. Depending on the size of the group and the weight of the pig that is chosen, the meal is priced per head and includes seasonal sides like shrimp-and-grits, beans-and-rice and Greek salad.

For some, the carnage of seeing a whole animal carved up for the first time may necessitate indulging in the bar's beer, wine and cocktails. And given the spate of good weather, the West End's open air patiomay serve as an ideal backdrop for a pig out session—pun very much intended.


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