Mighty Martini

Houston’s Strongest Drink Is at The Davenport

The Richmond Avenue lounge commands you to "Duck & Run."

By Joanna O'Leary July 14, 2016

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Duck & Run is as much a warning as the drink's name.

For years, internet lore led me to believe that the electric blue margarita at El Patio (aka, “Club No Minors”) was probably the strongest adult beverage in town. I thought I confirmed this assertion when I tried one (well, two) and found it to be extremely potent to the point of making an Irish gal with an above-average tolerance a wee bit wobbly. 

Later, however, another contender emerged in the form of El Tiempo’s robust margarita. The fact this hefty cocktail was also blue(ish) led me to develop an intense wariness of all drinks of this hue, which is why to this day I am suspicious of how blueberry juice might affect me.

The “Duck & Run” martini at The Davenport Trumps both of these aforementioned concoctions, and I do mean in a bullying, domineering manner characteristic of the current Republican presidential candidate. This martini derives its special power from the presence of a four-ounce trifecta of spirits (Absolut Citron vodka, Midori Melon Liqueur and Grand Marnier) and the absence of any mixer whatsoever. Although The Davenport prides itself on its heavy pours, the Duck & Run is on the extreme end of the spectrum of intense libations on offer at the bar and therefore should consumed with caution. Or, if you’ve had a really crappy day and don’t mind an intense hangover, with abandon! Either way, secure a designated driver, arrive with food in your stomach, and, most importantly, request bartender Alex as your spiritual guide on this very alcoholic journey.

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