Bayou City denizens have lots to say about the fried excess of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, but we think it's time to give a little credit to the Texas Renaissance Festival. The country's largest Renaissance faire is divided into villages that (loosely) represent cultures from around the world, like the langues of the Knights Hospitaller, to use a contemporary comparison, or the countries of the World Showcase at Epcot, to use one contemporary to us. OK, probably none of the countries included were ever home to pickle popsicles or Sno-cones, but you get the idea. 

Above is a survey of some of our favorites, being served through this weekend's Celtic Christmas ending November 27.

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Texas Renaissance Festival

Editor’s Pick 9:00 AM $26; Children 5–12, $14; Kids 12 and under free on Sundays Enchanted Manor Winery

Bearded, large-bellied men, knights in shining armor and wart-faced wenches will all clink mead glasses at this 41st annual Ren Fest which, true to Texas for...