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What Is Houston's Most Geo-Tagged Eatery?

The answer will almost certainly surprise you. We're not just saying that.

By Alice Levitt January 2, 2017

Social junkie j4k73o

The most Instagrammed brunch in Houston? Probably not.

The rose-shaped scoops of gelato at international chain Amorino are known to be one of the most Instagram-prolific foodstuffs in the world. Houstonians have done their fair share of tagging the River Oaks dessert spot and Chinatown rolling ice haunts (most notably Class 502) this year. And among savory dishes, there are plenty of photogenic plates around the city. But according to a USA Today listicle entitled "50 states: 50 most Instagrammed restaurants," the most social place in all of Texas has the word in its name: Social Junkie.

Wait, what? First some context. Few, if any of the restaurants included in the list are any good. Some have a great view or over-the-top presentations, such as the country's most Instagram-beloved restaurant, sweets chain Sugar Factory. Others are a bit more of a mystery. Pennsylvania's most geo-tagged spot is a Dave & Buster's in Philadelphia. A Birmingham location of Cheesecake Factory is tops in Alabama. 

Since I have personally posted an Instagram photo taken at Social Junkie, I was afraid I might have somehow been responsible. But my pic from Planned Parenthood Young Leaders Sex Ed Trivia Night was not the culprit. A quick look at those tagged photos reveals the answer: It's not guests doing the posting. In fact, my own spur-of-the-moment, organic shot seems to be in the minority. Each official post from the @socialjunkiesportsbar account is matched by at least two from other accounts, that of the assistant general manager, a second Social Junkie profile @socialjunkieinsider, and often also a page called @thestandard_, which purports to report "Gossip.News.Entertainment.Fashion," but is devoted almost entirely to official Social Junkie posts, too.

Apparently, it was someone at the bar's goal to make it on a list like USA Today's. And it worked. So I am equally happy for them and the fact that I'm not going crazy.

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