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Japanese-style crawfish udon at Mr. Crawfish

For those times when you don’t feel like getting your fingers dirty, Houston offers an abundance of dishes full of fat, already-peeled crawfish tails, with influences from across the globe.

What: Japanese-style crawfish udon
Where: Mr. Crawfish & More
Why: You’ve already eaten a dozen bowls of crawfish pho at LA Crawfish by now, so try this crab-based broth filled with fat udon noodles and tempura-fried crawfish.

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Pakistani-style crawfish masala at Himalaya

What: Pakistani-style crawfish masala
Where: Himalaya
Why: You love chef Kaiser Lashkari’s Desi take on Southern standards like chicken-fried steak; now taste what he does with crawfish tails and his signature spicy, creamy masala sauce.

What: American Chinese-style crawfish egg rolls
Where: St. John’s Fire Food Truck
Why: You’ve likely never encountered an egg roll stuffed with crawfish tails, tasso ham, shrimp and spinach, nor one served with guava-mustard dip, until now.

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Crawfish and jalapeño enchiladas at Tommy's Restaurant

What: A Tex-Mex take on crawfish and jalapeño enchiladas
Where: Tommy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Why: You’ve enjoyed plenty of plates of shrimp enchiladas and always wondered if crawfish would be just as good (it is).

What: French-style crawfish omelet
Where: French Quarter Cajun Seafood
Why: You’ve always wondered why no one serves crawfish for breakfast; now someone does (at least on Saturdays and Sundays).