Café Azur opened in September, but until now, diners looking for a daytime fix of chef Sidney Degaine's sous-vide Perfect Egg or unctuous Foie Gras Taco had to wait until Sunday brunch. That changes next Tuesday, April 4, when lunch service begins at 11 a.m. and continues until 3 p.m.

Not surprisingly, the innovative chef isn't serving crêpes and croques. The aforementioned appetizers are on the lunch menu, as are other dinner hits such as the blood-orange-flavored branzino carpaccio and roasted chickpea fries. Instead of heavy sandwiches, there are tartines, covered in a choice of prosciutto, shrimp or salmon. Degaine's pitch-perfect homemade pasta is served with chicken, ratatouille or truffles. Click through the photos above to see what else is worth ordering at Houston's most forward-thinking French restaurant.

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