Boom Goes the Coffee

Start Your Morning With a Boom at Boomtown Coffee

With its fifth anniversary, the café adds a sleek new coffee system.

By Emily Juhasz April 12, 2017

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Boomtown Coffee just celebrated their five-year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than with a makeover and an official party to say “thanks” to all of the faithful coffee drinkers that have kept the quaint little coffee shop in business? 

Owner Matt Toomey says the remodel is the result of wanting to create a more charming and pleasant aesthetic. "You would notice a vast difference if you had seen it before,"  he assured us, as the original location had a darker, more “bachelor pad” feel. The makeover involved ripping out the original counter, putting fresh coats of paint on the walls and adding a new Modbar coffee system, which is now the unofficial star at Boomtown.

The Modbar is a barista's dream coffee station. Instead of having a coffee machine on the counter, taking up a majority of the space, the Modbar has only a few essential tools on display that are needed to prepare an exquisite cup of coffee. Everything else is housed below the counter. 

“The Modbar puts the control at the fingertips of the barista a bit more,” Toomey says. “With the Modbar, you can manipulate various settings such as flow rate of water, pressure and temperature. There are a lot of variables you can control that you can’t with other machines." 

While Boomtown baristas have yet to start using the Modbar in earnest, they have started training. And because the new set-up is more than just a coffee machine, Toomey says the goal will be to curate a more coffee-forward experience.

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The Boomtown Coffee experience is one that surpasses other coffee shops. Toomey is a hands-on kind of guy, whose friendly demeanor is apparent with each passing person who stopped by to say hi. He and his wife are coffee enthusiasts, but with greater intensity than even the most avid coffee drinkers can claim. As certified Q-graders (which is essentially the coffee equivalent of a sommelier), they have coffee skills that I was unaware even existed. Certified by the Coffee Quality Institute, there are roughly 3,500 Q-graders in the world, only a handful of which are located right here in Houston. “It’s a useful set of skills that help me help that coffee taste good,” claimed Toomey.

At Boomtown, the baristas work diligently to preserve the integrity of the raw coffee beans. Every Friday, the Boomtown family do cuppings, or coffee tastings, at a local roastery. At these weekly cuppings they measure factors such as dry aroma, wet aroma, intensity of flavor and acidity. All of this is done in order to provide Houstonians a truly balanced cup of coffee.

Coffee makes up only part of this Boomtown equation, and everybody knows that along with a good cup of coffee comes a fresh pastry, or in Boomtown’s case, a breakfast taco. Chef Hannah Reese prepares everything in house (apart from the tortillas). Pastries are freshly baked and selections vary daily. However, it is the breakfast tacos that everybody raves about. Served on Amaize corn tortillas and topped with a fried egg, the only thing you’ll ask yourself is why you didn’t pair this with your coffee sooner.

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