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Coltivare Team To Open Three New Spots in EaDo

Make room for Indianola, Miss Carousel and Vinny's.

By Alice Levitt June 20, 2017

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Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber, Vincent Huynh not pictured.

Image: Kate LeSueur

The EaDo revival is about to get a significant shot in the arm courtesy of Agricole Hospitality, the team that brought Revival Market, Coltivare and Eight Row Flint to the Heights. Late this year Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber, joined by culinary director Vincent Huynh, will open Indianola, Miss Carousel and Vinny's. All three businesses will be located on a single corner at 1201 St. Emanuel Street.

"This neighborhood is truly rooted in Houston culture—it’s the neighborhood of Old Chinatown, warehouses and railroads, but now it’s become a walkable extension of Downtown," says Pera. "It’s a blossoming neighborhood that we want to be a part of."

The most substantial restaurant of the three is Indianola, named for the coastal town that was the primary port of entry for Europeans heading to Texas in the 19th century. Weber's family was among them in 1870. Dishes will be Agricole's interpretations of favorites from "the American canon." The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, with ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. Weber says that while the culinary vision isn't too different from Revival or Coltivare, the visual aesthetic is.

"This restaurant will look very different from our concepts in The Heights. More modern, sleek, bright," he explains.

Eado renderings page 02 jqavox

A rendering of the new trio of food businesses.

Miss Carousel will be a lounge attached to the restaurant, but the team hopes it will be a destination in its own right. With a fireplace and couches for the cold months, there's also a courtyard surrounded by 20-foot walls intended to create a country feel in the depths of the city. Two-thirds of the 25 to 30 cocktails will be original. All will be grouped by category, from Collinses to sours.

Food at Miss Carousel will include a few options from Indianola, as well as the final inclusion in the triumvirate, Vinny's, which will provide slices. And indeed, slices and delivery will be the focuses at the fast-casual pizza place with the tagline "A Slice is Nice."

Pera and Huynh say they are planning to explore a variety of pizza styles, but that slices are unlikely to resemble the beloved pies at Coltivare. Wine and beer will be served along with meals from lunch to late-night.

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