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Your Other Hurricane Harvey Checklist

Or how to drink at Poison Girl with water around your ankles.

By Beth Levine August 24, 2017

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By now you may well be in Tropical Storm Harvey panic mode. The storm is projected to be a “major hurricane” by the time it makes landfall this Friday near Corpus Christi. While there are plenty of very serious tip and prep lists (heck, we even gave you one in our August issue), this list is not about that, so proceed with tongue firmly in cheek. This list is about helping your stomach and maintaining your sanity through the weekend's storm and how to handle the absolute worst case scenario ever, a loss of power resulting in not being able to watch Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale. 

As in any impending doomsday situation, it's important to clarify your priorities. Clearly in this case it's food. Well, food and “adult” beverages, because hurricanes are hella boring. I really like to eat, so being stuck inside for long periods of time requires some forethought. We all know “hunkering down” means it’s time to stock up on the canned goods like tuna, salmon and even chicken. But why not go big? 

I like to also hit up the “fancy” grocery stores like Whole Foods and Central Market and buy a bunch of those pre-made, ready-to-eat meals and snacks that always look so good when I am grazing through the store. Hurricanes are a special occasion: It's time to splurge. Who cares if it costs a little more? Chances are you are going to have to eat it all anyway by the time Sunday rolls around, so live a little and why not live deliciously? 

It's also a good idea to take stock of your surroundings, since sometimes local businesses are open even in the aftermath of a storm and have stock they need to get rid of. For those of us that remember Hurricane Ike, thank God for West Alabama Ice House. I think I practically lived there during the days following the storm. During Tropical Storm Allison, even though my car floated away, I somehow still managed to get myself to both Bubba's Texas Burger Shack and to the old Champps Americana because they were open and serving Allison-themed items. Heck, maybe I have a drinking problem, but I remember being inside Poison Girl on more than one occasion with water around my ankles during a flood and you know what, they were still open, too. I might have needed new shoes, though.

So what to do if you can’t actually get anywhere during or after the storm for your adult beverages? (I assume you already took care of a gallon of water a day per person.) Think wisely about what you need to procure before the rain hits. While beer might seem like both a plentiful and economical choice, if the power goes out…warm beer is gross. Having spent many a snowed-in winter growing up on the East Coast, I am a big fan of whisky and vodka. Both liquors are easy mixer-wise, don’t require refrigeration, and most everyone likes one or the other. Not to mention that for those of us who can’t wait to see what happens in Westeros this Sunday you are going to need a glass of both if you can’t tune in come Sunday night. 

Hopefully I’ve helped you get ready to keep your digestive system appeased through Harvey, but what about your sanity? Like any other apocalyptic scenario, make sure you think long and hard about who you are going to be stuck with and where you are going to be stuck. I'll be at home eating a filet and sipping a Ketel One martini. See you on Monday!

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