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Every element is made from scratch for Evo's tacos.

What sets Evo Taco apart, besides a mouth-watering collection of made-to-order tacos? Owner Anthony Hassen brings 26 years of restaurant management experience to his new creation. The former general manager of Brenner’s on the Bayou operates under the philosophy of “If you didn’t take a bite and go wow, then we aren’t doing our job right.” Everything is crafted in-house. The tortillas and the chips are products of the hard work that has fueled the restaurant ever since its opening took a backseat to Harvey. Originally set to open August 27 in the former home of the Westheimer Road location of Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, Mother Nature had her own plans.

Evo opened its doors on September 4, and hasn’t looked back. Not surprisingly, business was slow out of the gate, but it has picked up speed in recent weeks as word of mouth has spread. Evo's line-up appeals to all types of diners. Vegetarian? No problem. The Veggie (falafel with mint yogurt) and the Mediterranean (homemade labneh with olives and garlic-and-lemon salad) aren't just condiments and shredded lettuce. Strict carnivore? Even better. There's plenty of meat. 

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Save plenty of room for this overstuffed ice cream taco.

The two top selling tacos are the Texan and the Tejano. The first has smoked brisket, bacon potato salad, red onion, jalapeño-lime crema and Monterey Jack cheese. The other is a choice between beef or chicken fajita, Jack cheese, avocado relish, marsala garlic butter gravy and caramelized onions. Everything is budget-friendly, so don’t shy away from trying both of the beef and chicken fajita Tejano. As complex as they are, of the tacos are less than $5.  Enjoy those tacos al fresco with one of the delicious hand-crafted cocktails from the full bar. 

The SBLT exemplifies the fusion of flavors that gives Evo an edge over franchise food. It comprises slab bacon, lettuce, tomato, applewood-smoked pork belly, bacon jam, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and chipotle aioli. The pork just melts in your mouth. It’s bears a slight resemblance to a typical BLT sandwich, but this taco blows it away at first bite. The Ranch Hand is also very popular for very good reasons—it's a chicken fried steak taco with breaded beef medallions, white cheddar cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and sage cream gravy. 

If tacos aren’t your thing, there are some alternatives. You can make a meal out of the roasted garlic cheese bread, served with marinara for dipping. The Buffalo chicken flatbread is delicious enough to replace wings as the perfect game day snack. Crave something sweet? Evo has that covered, too, with dessert tacos. Yes, dessert tacos. The product is an ice cream taco, in banana split, chocolate-strawberry, pineapple and Butterfinger flavors. A chicken fried steak and a sundae in taco form? There's basically no way this business can fail in Houston.

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