There's a Vegan Scoop Shop in the Heights and You're Missing It

Over the Moon has what you're craving, whether you love animal products or not.

By Alice Levitt November 24, 2017

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We're not allowed to call this decor "girly" anymore, right?

Image: Alice Levitt

Chance meetings can be delicious meetings. It took running into Juice Girl owner Gretchen Todd to learn that she had opened her first vegan ice cream scoop shop in August, across the hall from her flagship beverage business on 19th Street in the Heights. When I tried her "juice creams"—juices extruded from a soft serve machine—and vegan ice cream when she debuted them last year at her then-new Montrose Juice Girl store, I was impressed. But in the Over the Moon store, her wares are more focused, more diverse, and (dare I say?) more fun.

Creating small batches means the offerings are über seasonal. When I visited, pumpkin spice was among the options, but Todd told me that eggless nog and peppermint stick would soon replace it. To celebrate the Astros' triumph, she whipped up Creamsicle-esque orange-vanilla dotted with blueberries to represent the team's colors.

Chocolate and vanilla are always present, but I tried two other scoops that are relatively passe-partout. The best was rosewater made with a cashew milk base. Exceptionally creamy, it was unlike the notoriously icy vegan ice creams most of us have tried. Todd told me that's because, besides making her own milks (everything from coconut to hemp), she dilutes them significantly less with water than other brands do. The result is rich, but not overwhelming, and full of flavor. My Punjabi friend who accompanied me said that the rosewater flavor struck a chord for her that transported her back to India and a favorite variety of rose-and-cashew burfi. The strawberry-mint flavor I tried alongside was also excellent. 

Given my profession, I'm obviously far from a vegan. I know what tastes good. And Over the Moon's wares are a welcome addition to the Heights' amazing ice cream boom.

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