Urban Eats Shows Off Its Pumpkin Power With Seasonal Desserts

Too high-minded for the pumpkin spice trend? You'll still dig these.

By Joanna O'Leary November 3, 2017

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These aren't cupcakes—they're mini cheesecakes with gingersnap crusts. Sold?

Believe it or not, there are some Americans who loved pumpkin before pumpkin spice was a thing, and who will continue to adore pumpkin-flavored foods long after that infamous latte has gone the way of all flesh.

But regardless of whether you like pumpkin treats because they’re popular or because they're flipping delicious, you need to head tout de suite to Urban Eats because culinary director Levi Rollins has designed a group of five different squash-inspired desserts, and unlike the Jackson 5, they’re all destined to be stars.

Historically, I have not had great luck with macarons, but the tide turned dramatically when I sampled Urban Eats’ pumpkin macaron.  The delicate wafers as well as the rich interior cream tasted strongly of ginger and nutmeg. Equally decadent was Rollins' cute-as-a-button miniature pumpkin cheesecake, which is far superior to orthodox versions due its peppery gingersnap crust rather than conventional Graham cracker. On the lighter side is the pumpkin bread, moist, milder in flavor, and therefore ideal for breakfast or a teatime snack. 

I also really enjoyed the buttermilk pumpkin bar for its spongy texture and tempered dairy sweetness. Is its inclusion in this fall’s pumpkin line-up at Urban Eats a warm-up for a pumpkin buttermilk pie in 2018? I hope so.

Uepumpkinmacaron aosrtl

Many macarons fall flat. Not these.

Finally, give a mouse a cookie and he will want a glass of milk, but give Joanna a butterscotch-pumpkin cookie and she will want another butterscotch-pumpkin cookie. This ostensibly simple item boasted a tremendously sophisticated blend of autumnal spices, sea salt, butter and sugary botanical elements, not to mention a wonderfully chewy, just verging on gooey, consistency. 

And how do you wash down these assorted pumpkin goodies? With Urban Eats’ frothy caramel pumpkin latte, naturally. #pumpkinforever

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