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Beyoncé is not playing with these breweries. 

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It’s only natural to want to pay tribute to those that inspire you. Gone are the days when we simply wrote letters to those strangers we think we know, and depending on your level of fandom, you can manifest your excitement from something as simple as a tweet, something as quirky as fan fiction or something as permanent as a tattoo. If you’re the business type, you have even more options, from designing shirts and buttons to drawing pictures, to beer tributes.

It’s that last one that has our attention today, thanks to the folks of New York’s Lineup Brewing. Music and beer are no strangers at all, and plenty of musicians have gotten into the brewing game over the last few years in the hunt for new revenue streams. This Brooklyn brewery, however, is making headlines for their tribute to one of Houston’s favorite citizens.

As reported by Pitchfork, Beyoncé send Lineup a cease and desist letter over their tribute to Miss Third Ward herself, Bïeryoncé. If the name wasn’t enough to prove to you who they were paying tribute, the can, featured below, will seal the deal. Originally released to no legal threats back in 2016, Lineup brought the German pilsner back to the New York area earlier this year.

Unfortunately there isn’t any information about the beer available on Lineup’s website and the one review we were able to find about it was full of song references but light on flavor. Unless you’re up in New York right now, the odds of you getting to try Bïeryoncé are pretty slim unless you’ve got a beer connection up in the city. Still available are Lineup’s tributes to the Notorious B.I.G. and Queen/David Bowie, as well as the delightfully named In Defense of Ghosting.

Local brewers, I hope you’re paying attention. If you can’t brew a Beyoncé tribute in Jay-Z’s neighborhood, where can you?

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