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Bravery Chef Hall to Open Summer 2018

The duo behind Conservatory announces a new project.

By Cory Garcia December 8, 2017

Rendering of bravery chef hall photo credit to ahn mai and lian nguyen  2  pks4y0

Next summer, this is what you'll be stepping into over at Bravery Chef Hall.

You know the struggle. The sun is setting, you're hungry, your partner is hungry, but neither of you know exactly where you want to go. Nothing sounds great, but nothing sounds bad either, so you begin to talk yourself in circles. In time, you'll half-heartedly agree on a place, you'll eat and life will go on until the next hunger without direction strikes. 

That's part of the beauty of food halls. They provide options, but not so many that you get lost in your choices. People seems to really dig Conservatory, and now the duo behind it, Anh Mai and Lian Nguyen, are looking to expand on the concept with their new project, Bravery Chef Hall.  

Slated to open next summer, Bravery is being framed as the evolution of the food hall. Featuring five open-kitchen areas that will be owned and operated by chefs—the current lineup includes David Guerrero of Andes Café, Ben McPherson formerly of Krisp Bird & Batter and Gary Ly formerly of Underbelly—inside its 9,100 square feet, it should provide Houston with some stellar options on those nights when everything and nothing sounds good. 

So good news for diners, and potentially good news for chefs who want to dip their feet into the world of restaurant management without all the risks associated with opening their own place. At the very least, Bravery's location on the ground level of Aris Market Square should provide chefs with plenty of potential customers. 

In addition to the chef's spaces, Bravery will also feature a pair of wine bars and a coffee and pastry counter. And yes, while the space is still months away from being ready, know that when it does it'll have happy hour specials, Monday to Friday, 3–7 p.m. 

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