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Don't Take Off Your PJs: DR Delicacy Is Delivering Caviar to Your Door

A partnership with UberEATS means fish eggs, foie gras and truffle butter are almost too easy to access.

By Joanna O'Leary December 1, 2017

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Lazy Sunday just got a lot fancier.

Food delivery in Houston just got way more refined. DR Delicacy, fine purveyors of gourmet imported comestibles, are now making their products available for home delivery via UberEATs.

Their expansive, tempting menu of goodies includes, but is not limited to, caviar at various price points (from $10 for smoked trout roe to $110 for Royal Ossetra), blini, artisan linguine, smoked salmon, truffle butter, foie gras torchons, and ossobuco ravioli. 

Houston, I may have a problem. Yes, I have sung the praises of low-cost “caviar,” but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the good stuff. Compounding the problem is that I have sampled many of DR Delicacy’s dainties and can attest to their quality.

Their transmontanus (white sturgeon) caviar has a subtle, nutty flavor that renders it the perfect garnish for roast fowl, toast, or, um, deep-fried avocados. Just sayin’. I dressed air-popped popcorn with their black truffle oil and was excited to find it added unctuous, earthy notes to the fluffy kernels without the sort of cloying richness that comes with using butter.

But the simplest of their offerings, a whole black truffle, might be the catalyst for the most sophisticated consumption experiences. Shavings of truffle transformed scrambled eggs from the pedestrian to the sublime, and tossing DR Delicacy’s stuffed pasta with oil and truffle flakes put me into a state of carbohydrate and fat-induced rapture. Luckily, DR Delicacy will also send along your choice of truffle shaver—rosewood or stainless steel.

For that reason, the possibility of having caviar and foie gras (another sorry-not-sorry favorite) brought to my door, thereby eliminating the need to change out of my pajamas, might lead me to partake of this service early and often. I’ll blame the coming holidays as my excuse for indulgence. Not that I'm planning on sharing with anyone.

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