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Fireworks will fly Sunday night, no matter how cold it gets.

Procrastination happens to the best of us. You really did set out to make New Year's Eve plans ahead of time this year, but one thing led to another led to Christmas led to catching up on things at work and now NYE is almost here and you don't want to be one of the 49 percent of people who spend it at home. That's fair. Houston is a big city with plenty of options for how to drink and dine your way into 2018. Here are a few that we've had our eye on that we think you'll dig. 

NYElectric 2018 | Hotel Derek 

Tickets are almost gone for this event, which should come as no surprise given that in addition to the DJs and champagne toast you'd expect it features a prepaid bar, which means you don't have to start off 2018 by giving your bank account a big punch in the face. 

New Year's Eve 2017 | Picos 

Yes, there's a cocktail hour and a couple of courses, but let's not bury the lead here: there's a 30-foot-long dessert bar at this shindig. And because it's a holiday none of the calories you consume will count, so shoot for the biggest sugar rush you can handle. 

Hawker Night Market Food Festival | Conservatory 

The Conservatory you know and love changes for a night as it rings in the new year with a night market full of street food dishes—including chicken wangs (their spelling, not mine), balut and tamales—and drink specials.  

Fried Chicken & Caviar Tots | Eight Row Flint

If fried chicken is your passion, get yourself over to Eight Row Flint for a $20 Cajun fried chicken buffet, then class up your life with American Caviar Service. Are caviar tots actually a thing? Yes, yes they are. 

New Year's Eve Downtown – Year of the Unicorn | El Big Bad 

I'm not a unicorn expert, but judging by this party taking place I'm going to guess that they don't need to hibernate for the winter. After all the unicorn-related products you tried over the past year, it would be silly not to close out 2017 with a unicorn margarita.  

Take a Photo With the World Series Trophy | Potente

We saved this one for last because there's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that if you can get a reservation at Potente on Sunday night you can get your photo taken with the World Series trophy. The bad news is that according to OpenTable there are no more reservations left. But hey, in a year that the Astros won the World Series and it snowed in Houston, maybe you've got one last 2017 miracle in you. 

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